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Home Security

Intruder alarms are electronic alarms designed to alert the user to a specific danger. It is designed for economical installation with the capabilities of a high end professional intruder alarm, offering a host of helpful, everyday functions. MMS are specialists in providing wired/ wireless intruder alarms, external perimeter security, gate automation, panic alarm and night guard security lighting system. All our products are fully compactable to integrate with other security products like fire alarm, CCTV, access control, video door phone system etc.

MMS have fully trained engineers with European standard .We can design and provide wide range of products to meet your needs. We also provide preventive maintenance to your system.


Wireless Alarm

Our wireless alarms have a capacity of up to 28 fully programmable wireless zones with a choice of 30 accessories. Other features include on board voice dialler, central station communicator, user friendly voice prompts and key phob control. System EN 5031 Grade II, DD 243 PD 6662 is compliant in two way wireless compatibility. This allows the customer to upgrade the system at any time.


Wired Alarm

We provide a wide range of alarms which is widely used in European market. Our basic panel start from 8 zones and expandable up to 300 zones with different area setting. Various features allow the customer to protect different areas of the house like garage, annexe etc. with one control unit and one key pad. This system can have up to 4 key pads to control each area individually. Passive infrared detectors, dual tech detectors, glass break sensors, vibration sensors, low voltage smoke detectors and range of compatible accessories are available. These alarm panels are compatible for audio speech diallers and digital communicators to communicate with central monitoring stations. Our external bell and strobe module gives 115 db sounds in the event of alarm activation. It is equipped with battery for backup and in tamper proof case.

WE PROVIDE Monitoring systems SERVICES

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